Hippos on Holiday

A cartoon adventure story for children and other hippopotamus cartoons.

Light Verse
Light Verse

Light, ironic verses on daily life.

Mild Subversion
Mild Subversion & Other Essays

This is mainly political satire, a protest in support of honesty, common sense, and the rule of law.

Telling Tales Book Cover
Telling Tales

Twelve people gather in Canterbury to walk the pilgrim's route to Rome in the year 2000, each telling a tale in an update of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.


Cello Sonata Logo
Chamber Music

pianist image Piano Collections

Viva! Six Rhythmic Pieces for Piano composed by Robert & Martha Hanrott, performed by Scott Hawkins, pianist
on YouTube.

Pamela Logo
Songs from the musical “Pamela”

Foxtails CD cover
Foxtails: The Adventures of Freddie Fox

Children's audio CD of stories with music. Set in the English countryside, Freddie's adventures, told in rhymed verse, can be enjoyed on several levels. For adults and children 6 and up. Glossary included.

Garden of Eden Logo
The Garden of Eden

A musical reading of the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

Twist of Bob & Mick Logo
A Twist of Bob & Mick

The best of Robert Hanrott & Mick Wayne.

Talking Heads Logo
Talking Heads

Incidental music for Alan Bennet's “Talking Heads” Studio Theatre, 1996.

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