The Arabian Nights

Dubya Baba and the Forty Thieves

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The Cast

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In the RIGHT corner:


Dubya Baba

A Great Leader from a far-off land.  A man of deep convictions, and some convictions pending.

Cheney Baba

his Vizier an alter ego.

Rhum Baba

A famous military strategist, invariably correct.

Wolfy Baba

Rhum Baba's Deputy Secretary for Offence. An 0riginal Thinker, not given to resignation. 

Luminous Pearle, Pure Krystal, Shimmering Saphire

Djins (Luminous is a.k.a "The Pearle with a Price")

Georgery Pokery

Dubya's chief spy (a.k.a Jiggery Pokery)

Ari SpinBaba

Will announce anything, provided he is paid

Clarke SpinBaba

Will announce anything, even if she isn't paid

Co-lin bin Baba

 a sort of cautious fellow, always holding things up

Garner Baba

a retired general, pro-consul of the Great Empire, ruler-to-be of Mesopotamia, and alleged arms dealer.

Blair Baba

a loser, in due course, of most of his votes.

General Flanks

the guy who does all the work

Mustapha Jellybean

a sinister Mesopotamian exile, much admired by Rhum Baba for his devious character. Being groomed for great things, probably assassination by infuriated tribesmen.



Bubba Baba

Former Emperor, ladies man, and the one with the brains. Sees both sides of every problem.



 In the WRONG corner:


Saddam the Horrible

Caliph of Baghdad

Mohammed Saaed al Sahfah bin Whatsit

Court Liar to the Caliph

Tariq Aziz

another Court Liar

Hanki bin Panki

the Caliph's spy

Abdullah, Mahmud, Kassim, Haroun, Jamiel, Backlash, and Trash bin Ali

all workaday thieves, but what do you expect from Mesopotamians?