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Church Collections ∗

We offer most of the good things provided by the Catholic Church and none of the bad. We offer you a liturgy not dissimilar to that with which you are familiar. You may have as many tinkling bells as you wish, as much incense, as many fancy vestments, and a weekly confession.

No introductory seminars!

No new baptisms!

Only your name, address and credit card number!

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Subscriptions: High Days and Saints Days £249.50 p.a

Annual subscriptions: £999.50

Tickets and subscriptions may be purchased at the church wicket gate, or from Amazon.com


† The Church of England

∗ Roman Catholics, open to the threat of eternal damnation for stinginess, are understood to be more generous than C of E church attendees, who are notoriously old and parsimonious. The special offer is made on the understanding that the average donation at each Sunday service is $50 (VISA accepted). This 50%-off offer is extended until 31 May 2011. This will get us out of a temporary cash flow problem.

6 April 2010