Republicans drill for oil in Washington, D.C.!

Drilling for oil on Wisconsin Avenue

The four members of the D.C Republican Party drill for oil in the parking lot of the Safeway supermarket on Wisconsin Avenue.

Members of the D.C Republican Party today started drilling for oil in the parking lot of the Safeway store on Wisconsin Avenue in North West Washington.

Asked why this particular carpark at this particular time, a spokesman is quoted as saying, "This is the car park of the social Safeway in our great nation's capital. Everyone who's anyone shops here. Give them an opportunity and they'll buy their gas here, too. Drill, baby, drill!"

When it was pointed out that, in the unlikely event that there was oil below the surface it would have to be refined, the spokesman replied, "That's so typical of you liberals. You're always ready to raise taxes but never to support enterprise and risktaking. All together now, guys: "Drill, baby drill!".

Shouldn't you be putting your energies into alternative fuels to save the environment, he was asked.

"Global warming? An Al Gore political fabrication, a way of getting us to stop driving our SUVs and destroy our standard of living. What we should be doing is reducing our dependence on oil producers who hate America and sponsor tourism."