Glenn Beck Attacks Conservatives who use Medicare and Social Security

“You can't be a conservative if you benefit from either Medicare or Social Security,” claims Beck.

The conservative radio and television host and political commentator today criticized Tea Party supporters who demonstrate against big government and demand a reduction in the deficit but continue to draw Social Security and use Medicare, organized and paid for by the same big government.

“Social Security and Medicare are socialist European ideas, foreign to the true American ideals of personal responsibility and limited government,” he is reported to have told a convention audience. “These two Big Government programs account for the greater part of Washington spending. If you want to reduce the deficit and tackle waste in Washington, you have to abolish both programs.”

Interviewed after his address, Beck told your reporter that he despised those who complained about the government and its unrestrained spending but were quite happy to use Medicare. “Often the Tea Party members are older or retired, and it is at this time of life that the medical bills build up”, he said. “By the time they retire every true conservative should have a nest-egg built up to deal with health problems. To turn to Obama-socialist Medicare is hypocritical. Conservatives complain about the work-shy lower orders of society taking government hand-outs and doing nothing. True Americans should be setting these people a good example of self-reliance, upon which this great country of ours was built. How else will they learn?”

One reporter from the Fox News Channel raised the objection that some people had lost a lot of money during the Obama financial crash, and their savings had been destroyed by the Democrats. Some could get no health insurance at all, or were turned down by insurance companies if they had pre-existing conditions. Beck replied, “This country has the greatest healthcare system in the world, based upon private enterprise. The insurance companies are more efficient than government bureaucrats and mainly turn down immigrants and the ghetto poor. Democrat propaganda and their Communist attacks on healthcare are cataclysmic, and Obamacare will be repealed. In the meantime conservatives should support free enterprise and the embattled, hard-working CEOs of the insurance industry.”

Beck was also asked why he was against elders drawing Social Security. After all, they have paid into it all their working lives.

“My passion is for the United States Constitution, which was inspired by God and is the reason behind America’s success as a nation. Where in the Constitution does it allow for Social Security? Where does it mention any of these Big Government programs? Did the Virginia colonists have old-age payouts by government? Did the first settlers in Massachusetts expect the authorities to organize flu shots for them? Certainly not! If you want a steady income in your old age, you should do what Americans have always done: invest in good securities that will give a steady return. This is what Wall Street is there for. The big banks are the most successful institutions in the world, making huge profits. How do they do that? By constant innovation. Had President Bush been successful in privatizing Social Security the savings of older Americans would be safely invested in Goldman Sachs derivatives”.

April 24, 2010