An open letter to John McCain and the Libertarians


We've had endless demands from you and your clones, the right-wing Republicans, for smaller government. We've had decades of denigration of government until now few if any able people from major universities are inclined to make it their career. The results are there for all to see - -incompetence and corruption among the political appointees. The only exceptions seem to be Paulson and Bernanke, who have suddenly awoken from a deep slumber to the disasters confronting them.

We've had years of "hands off industry, de-regulate and leave it alone" (liberty without responsibility), and this is what you get - - financial chaos that endangers the financial health of the world, not to mention the jobs and livelihoods of the American people.

You, Sirs, are sole responsible for diminishing this great country of ours. Your unbending ideology, your selfish greed and your economic policies that plunder the natural world without a thought for the future, are leading to a cataclysmic decline in the power and influence of the United States and a growing resentment among foreign nations. You seem too parochial to notice.

Call for resignations, for wholesale reform and all the cynical election manoeuvres you like to get yourself elected, Senator McCain, but the fact is that you have occupied your Senate seat for decades, supporting right-wing economics. Later, you opposed huge tax cuts for the rich, now you support them. You flip-flop without principle, Sir, then call yourself a "maverick".

Your ideas have to be re-thought for the modern world and the existing ones consigned to the trash can of history, along with Marxism and all the other grand theories devised by dreamers and those without experience in the real world. The concept of "trickle-down" economics, without rules and regulations (and common sense) is a menace to all but the privileged few with termination bonuses of a million or over.

It would have seemed an impossibility even a year ago, but even Bush himself is a pragmatist now.

Let pragmatism rule! Pragmatism works!

Robert Hanrott
The Common Sense Party

The Common Sense Party stands for the reinstatement of sensible rules, self-discipline and responsibility towards the wider community. These have been thrown overboard in a frenzy of moneymaking!