Getting Back to Good old Medieval Values

James Inhofe says the earth is flat,
And that is that.
It says so in the Bible, he’s not quite sure where at.

But once the chapter and the verse are found
Ah! Thought profound!
He’ll show the earth is flat, not round.

“You cannot see this is a sphere.
It would appear
Just like a pancake, viewed from here.”

Espousing then this balderdash,
With cool panache
He finds a guy who needs some cash.

This corrupt and shameless science prof.
Snout to trough,
Will show that, sailing West, one would fall off.

A round of lectures then he’ll give –
Sound science and conservative.

The point? Well, come the Rapture, and world war,
Scientists and many more
(According to Jim Inhofe’s medieval lore),

Will flee the holocaust apace
And with no trace,
Fall off the edge and into space.

This is the fate of the depraved,
(He raved),
And those who haven’t yet been saved.

And this man chairs, pontificates, debates
As Senator of these United States!

Note: Jim Imhofe is a Senator from Oklahoma. He has the following of at least 33 million Bible literalists in America who believe the world was literally created in 7 days just 5000 years ago. For the record, Mr. Imhofe is incandescent on the subject of abortion but unconcerned about capital punishment and the horrors of Abu Graib. December 2004