Mr. Greenspan

This verse was written in 2005. If I knew the truth about Greenspan then, why didn't the financial pundits?

Oh, Mr. Greenspan, you bend with the breeze,
Whoever's in power you endeavour to please.
Why, four year ago you commended the axe
As conservatives wished, on the level of tax.
"The nation's in surplus," you told us, "It's nuts
To suggest that the budget cannot cope with cuts."
(You applauded the years of American boom,
But were tax such a problem it should have spelt doom.)
So silent you stood while your GOP heroes
Created a debt with un(ac)countable zeros,
And all to assuage a super-rich craving
For unspendable millions in personal saving.

And now that your patrons have been re-elected,
You're appalled! "This deficit must be corrected.
Oh, dear," you opine, "this can't be repaid.
Let's slice veterans' benefits, cut Medicaid,
Dismantle the idea of help in old-age,
Abandon all those on a minimum wage."
You watch as the great middle class is destroyed,
With the civilized life-style that once it enjoyed.
On the widening gap 'twixt the rich and the poor
You express no opinion and still less a cure.
It seems that you have no concern in the least
That we've shipped off our industry to the Far East,
A foolish and most irresponsible measure
That we all will repent (and some at great leisure).
You pat your own back for the now modest growth
That's dependent on credit, the Chinese, or both.
You brought forth low rates, so it's no great surprise
That property prices too rapidly rise.
The real estate boom will assuredly stall,
And the dollar sustain its predictable fall.
Indeed, it could lose its pre-eminent place,
Losing us revenue, influence, face.
The credit card industry's out of control,
The jobless give up in despair with no dole,
And all for a dogma, a doctrine, a creed
That thinks nothing of people but elevates greed.

It's a mess, Mr. Greenspan, you'll fairly be blamed.
For your craven inaction, you should be ashamed.
The concept of holding the ring for the nation
Is forgotten by you for one last confirmation.
But you're old, and you don't have to run with the mob,
Frightened like others of losing your job.
Tell them: ’"Behave like a true modern nation!
Reverse the direction, restore that taxation!’"
History will deem you a true patriot,
Caring, inclusive. If not, it will not!

For reaction will come, just as night follows day,
With the current bad policies all swept away.
And what of our hero, our great wunderkind?
And his great reputation? Why, gone with the wind.
Yes, Mr. Greenspan, speak up while you can.
Be the sweet voice of reason, be brave,
Be a man!