Republicans, Reform!

The Republicans need to re-think their approach to governing the country.

The Republicans will deserve to return to power, and I would vote for them, when they can promise and deliver the following:

1. Replace the time-servers and ideologues who have filled the corridors of power with properly trained and educated people who are managers and know their business. The last eight years has shown the effect of appointing too many amateurs to the political jobs in the Government.

2. Stop undermining the Constitution by gerrymandering constituencies.

3. Stop launching incompetently conceived and run wars. Wars are not for amateurs.

4. Stop pretending that we don't need fair and strict public oversight of the capitalist system.

5. Stop trashing the whole idea of government public service. It is no surprise that competent young people are not going into it.

6. Give up the discredited idea of the trickle-down economy. Giving tax reductions to the wealthy, who may just accumulate further assets, is not the way to stimulate an economy in deep recession.

7. Stop the tax havens so beloved of rich people of both parties. Too much wealth trickles down to service industries in Caribbean tax havens.

8. Turf the special interests and lobbyists out of the pockets of Administration officials and get back to thinking about the public good.

9. Stop pretending that torture is Constitutional.

10. Stop "rendering" suspects with Arabic names to grisly and vicious allies for the extraction of information.

11. Restore habeas corpus. How dare any U.S government abandon a right we have shared for 800 years?

12. Stop spying on patriotic Americans whose only crime is opposing incompetent government.

13. Restore the role of the Vice-President to that pertaining in the 200 years before the advent of Cheney.

14. At least pretend to be interested in the welfare of the old, the poor, the sick and the lame.

15. Study the good work Theodore Roosevelt did in busting the monopolies. In particular, break up monopolies in banking (just created by the Bush government), pharmaceuticals, power , telecommunications, and, particularly, the media.

16. Rein in the military-industrial complex that consumes such a huge amount of resources and has too much influence.

17. Appoint a Secretary of State who is a diplomat and undertakes to stop bullying all and sundry, friens and foe.

18. Recruit young Republicans who value broad education, have benefited from it and who are unable to understand the anti-intellectualism rife in some quarters.

To go on with the tired old mantra of reducing taxes is misguided when the overall system is broke and needs a total overhaul.