Taxing Us!

A message to the Republican and Tea Parties

You are taxing us sorely, more than the Democrats ever did!

You are taxing our sense of community with your de-funding of the programs that make life civilized in these United States.

You are taxing our sense of fairness by allowing corporations and the super-rich to avoid their fair share of taxes.

You are taxing our serenity and love of country by handing over policy-making and the nitty-gritty of legislation to special interests in defiance of the Constitution.

You are taxing our morale with your blatant attacks on the incomes and bargaining rights of middle class men and women.

You are taxing our tolerance with your drive to introduce guns into schools, universities, bars and other public places.

You are taxing our intellectual heritage by undermining science and espousing a know-nothing culture of ignorance and selfishness.

You are taxing our serenity with your campaign to de-fund NPR and eliminate from the air all moderate media organizations, creating of a right-wing media monopoly.

You are taxing our feelings of generosity by removing help from the poor and the disadvantaged.

You are taxing our feelings of humanity by denying healthcare to the millions who have no healthcare insurance.

You are taxing our patience with your attacks on teachers, thus endangering the education of our children.

You are taxing our health with your opposition to the regulation of the food and drug industries and other industries that are able to inflict harm on you as well as us.

You are taxing the goodwill of immigrants to the United States with your hostile State legislation that makes hard working people feel unwelcome.

Have you no shame?

Reduce taxation!

March14, 2011