Cheney and his bosom friend, Saddam Hussein.

Foreigners seem to think that President Obama governs the United States. Maybe Obama does too. Wrong! Big companies with deep pockets to pay for lobbyists and the election expenses of politicians, pull the strings, along with a shady cabal of very rich people whose loyalty is only to themselves. In short the US political system is broke, or to put it more honestly, it is hopelessly corrupted. We have to do what we can to fight that corruption, probably hopeless though that is.

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The authors at home on their native American reservation. "Powerless, we can only protest."

Yes! We have lost the war in Afghanistan. Everone knows it. All the historians in the U.S who know any history (about 3 people) warned the politicians that you cannot win in Afghanistan, but that hasn't stopped the warmongers. For some of them the war profit made by the military/industrial complex is more important than huge deficits and the death of young men.

Mild Subversion

In the tradition of satirical writers through the ages

Current articles........

We need more, not less, generalists.

The Western world has become far too specialised, and specialists, necessary though they are, have difficulty in seeing the big picture.

U.S politics have been captured by wealthy special interests. Is is a sinister development and rolls on relentlessly.

The balance between the interests of the rich and the poor has disappeared. Government is no longer a reliable umpire between competing interests.

Britain would be crazy to leave the EU.

Not only is the EU Britain's biggest trading partner, but she is deeply entwined commercially and economically with the EU. As for the United States, given a choice between the UK and the EU, the U.S would choose the EU.

A report on a visit to Syria in the light of the vicious civil war now raging.

Syria used to be a very safe place for tourists. Many secret police and no freedom, but there used to be security.

A brief description of a walk to Rome in 2000.

Following ancient Roman roads through the countryside, a small group walked to Rome, missing only the duller, and industrial, areas.

Corporate welfare and the subsidization of investment

Big companies have their cost of capital subsized by middle class taxpayers, the very group of people who they then throw out of work.

When will they catch on?

Years ago Bush reduced taxes on the rich. What followed was the worst financial crash since the 1930's and stubborn, 9 % unemployment.

Silly rules in cemeteries.

“cemeteries in England concoct ridiculous regulations designed to part vulnerable people from their money.

On men, women and computers.

Women have cleverly passed the buck to their menfolk when it comes to computers.

The Republicans are taxing our patience.

“On every issue the Republicans are taxing the patience and tolerance of the ordinary middle class citizen. Reduce Taxation!

The guys who caused the economic slump walk off with their loot and then blame the unions.

“The Republicans and their rich backers will not be content until they have restored 19th century emplyment conditions.

Yet another U.S Supreme Court gun ruling?

“A very sensible New York gun law may be ruled unconstitutional. Another triumph for those with a deficit of common sense.

Exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in New York are becoming particularly silly.

We review one particular "performance". If the Director of MOMA is such a good salesman that he can raise funds for such an event he deserves every penny of his salary.

Glenn Beck Attacks Conservatives who use Medicare and Social Security

“You cannot be a conservative if you benefit from Big Government programs like Medicare and Social Security,” he claims.

Yes, Mr. Obama, diss the Brits!

The British establishment needs to start contemplating Britain's national interest instead of following the United States all the time, like a forlorn sheep.

And in previous months........

The Good Wife's Guide

The care a husband owes his wife.

A Letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to apostate Catholics

The letter the Archbishop should have sent out, but has failed to do so

Join us! An advertisement from the Church of England

The Church of England reaches out to distressed Catholics everywhere

A Letter to the Pope in Rome

We, the poor people of the world, forgive the Pope and the Roman Catholic church for their manifest and great sins.

A Letter to the Chief Justice of the U.S Supreme Court

At last! The U.S Supreme Court has legally handed over the American political system to an oligopoly of greedy, corrupt pols, CEOs and tycoons. Now we can sit back and be assured that the country is in competent hands. A creeping coup? Nonsense!

Chicken Derivates

A Tale of Financial Innovation

Verizon Communications in chaos

Top Marketing Executive fired

Struggling Airline hits Jackpot Bellies

Surcharge for the overweight.

A Newsletter from PEPCO

Tips for coping with Spring.

Change Time is Here!

Changing to digital TV is soooo easy !!

Why do we need critics in the Arts

What we need are BANK CRITICS - - Fast!

What a mess!

Reforming the American political system.

The Chinese put Both Feet Down

The Chinese Central Bank gives the US a message the American media is comfortable about broadcasting.

Bye Bye Dubya!

Watch the Bye Bye Dubya video on U Tube. A send-off for the Great Decider.


Some Sayings of Diogenes of Oinoanda.

Republicans, reform!

The Republicans need to re-think their approach to governing the country.

A Democrat Agenda

Hey, Democrats! Do something for the country!

Queen Esther or just plain Jezebel?

Is Sarah Palin chosen by God, or will those suggesting it be struck down by a thunderbolt from Heaven?

Their Heads in the Sand

They had it coming, they had it coming.....

Dumbed-down Regional Press Explains a Lot

No way to maintain an informed democracy

No problem? A bank fiddles around while Rome burns.

Valley-girl-speak comes to Britain with a vengeance.

They Knew Eighteen Months Ago!

Bush, Bernanke, Paulson, and McCain to the rescue?

Republicans drill for oil in Washington D.C.

Reducing dependence on foreign oil.

Communists laud Nationalization of the Heights of the U.S Economy!

Is this the final death of Reaganomics?

An open letter to John McCain and the Libertarians

An end to so-called "trickle down" Reaganomics!

A Concert at the Wagmore Hall, London

Irena Klamberova plays the ukelele.

On-line Poetry Tutorial No.37

A critic comments on one of the seminal poets of our time.

Obama - - his Four Years

A program to right the wrongs and the mischief done to the United States in the last eight years. But we assume that too many enemies will have been made to allow for a second term.

What heaven is like

For those who await the Rapture and are anxious to know what to expect

A Candidate faces the Media

Are U.S election press conferences testing the candidates?

Is Iraq America's Boer War?

Empires always expand to a point where they are unsustainable. The loss of a single war can start the rot.

Iraq Hydrocarbons Law 2007

How Iraq can re-join the Petro-Community.

Class warfare against the educated!This is what the Republican Convention seemed to suggest

Fine, Mr. McCain, but where will you find good, educated administrators who understand the world and are trained to think?


Where have they all gone?

Musings of the Current God

Proponents of so-called intelligent design are answered from on high


Hot topic! Robert Hanrott talks to Patrick Macrory about Post-Ironicism.

Where are they now?

Transcript of a video interview conducted by Robert Hanrott with Malakbel, the ancient Palmyran Sun God, and Aglibol, brother of Malakbel and God of the Moon.

The lease

The onerous obligations of a lease on a London flat.

Welsh land grab!

Welsh group lays claim to the whole of London!

Knowing the right questions to ask

Two innocents go to a British cricket match.

The partition of Iraq.

We need an international settlement in the Middle East.

Arabs and Israelis out! Real owners in!

How one family can lay claim to all the territory around Jerusalem.

The Ethiopian taxi driver

The thoughts of a migrant from the third world.

Got a problem?

How it takes half an hour to fill in an email form to get some help from a computer software company that communicates in Dutch.

Independence for England!

May 2007 marked the 300th Anniversary of the Union of England and Scotland. It?s time for independence for both countries!

Warning: Gravity is Only a Theory!

by Ellery Schempp, a member of the American Humanist Association and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

A Wolfowitz in Sheep?s Clothing?

A cautionary tale about the on-going efforts to downsize, "reform", and even eliminate all United Nations agencies.


* FREE! Win a free, heavily edited copy of the latest US national intelligence estimate if you can identify which country this fairy tale refers to.

Fighting the War on Error

Make the "service" economy work!<

The Book of Provocations

A startling discovery has recently been made in an undisclosed location on the Dead Sea. A set of ancient scrolls has been unearthed, so sensitive that the Israeli Government has tried to suppress it. A careless rabbi fortunately left copies on a bus to Haifa.

Caveat Emptor No. 2

You have to know the right questions to ask. Businesses will not tell you.

The Nanny State

A genuine and hilarious leaflet from Help the Aged, in conjunction with Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London. In the spirit of what we thought at first was a joke, we offer a further collection of tips for the over 70s.

An email exchange between Rush Limbaugh and Elmer G. Ganz of Ohio, June 11th, 2006

And they vote for these clowns!

Endtime: a Tale of Nuts

A fairy tale for our time. The hazel nut in Celtic lore was equated with wisdom and poetic inspiration. A legend tells the tale of a nut tree that grew by a sacred pool. The tree shed its nuts into the pool. They were eaten by a family of salmon. The number of bright spots on the salmon, it is said, indicated the number of nuts it had eaten and the depth of the wisdom it had thereby absorbed.

Productivity: Are American Economists Deluding Themselves?

What many corporations have quietly effected is a massive transfer of time, effort, stress and frustration onto the final customer. Intentional or not, this transfer is not captured in the persistent drumbeat about the productivity of the American economy.

Email intercepted from Saddam Hussein before his death

Shock Top Secret letter rocks US Intelligence. Iranians involvement suspected.

Saddam Hussein's November 2004 email to his followers.

Released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Sound Science

Science used to be seen as a rational and definitive activity, the great outcome of the Enlightenment, a passport to a better life for all the world's inhabitants. More recently it has been used as a malleable weapon in the war to protect commercial interests and to buttress the claims of the religious right.

What is the Point?

Long hours. Few benefits. Inadequate holidays. Small pensions. Little worker protection. A degrading environment. A widening gap between rich and poor. Declining health care. Increasing self-absorption and less community spirit. Is this what we want from globalization, free trade, privatization and the untrammeled power of the corporation?


A fairy tale about reduction of customer service and the onus put upon the consumer in terms of time and frustration.


If President Clinton is caught with his trousers down it triggers impeachment. However, if Vice-President Cheney arranges for his old company to get the best contracts in Iraq that's just fine. Or is it?

Mrs. Meanwell

A fairy tale about naivete and religious violence.

Lord Adonis

The British Minister for Schools is busy dreaming up fancy titles for himself, but is doing the country's education little good.

Mr. Greenspan

Mr. Greenspan, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, is supposed to be independent of party politics, holding the ring for the nation. He has betrayed our trust.

I Did it All Myself

We all depend on each other. But tell that to the government-haters.

Moral Values

A religious conservative discusses his moral philosophy.

The Arabian Nights, with Dubya Baba and the Forty Thieves: A Musical in 4 Acts

The true, never-previously-revealed story of Bush's War Against Iraq, and how The-Greatest-Country-Ever-in-the-History-of-the- Universe fought back against the imperialist neo-cons and their deeply ignorant hangers-on.

Email Correspondence from Saddam Hussein

Unknown to the general public, Saddam Hussein has had access to a computer and email and likes to send occasional messages to some of the people who have done so much to support him over the years. Here are some samples, sent to Donald Rumsfeld and others, with copies to me.

Alas! Poor Britain

The number of times people have asked "What was Tony Blair thinking about when he supported Bush?" has now risen to 58,781,000.

The Outing of Jack Kelley

Did you know that American journalists brag about the thoroughness of their training and their research? Apparently, it is so much better than in other countries.

The Poisoner

Heard of hexavalent chromium? It was dumped by manufacturers in New Jersey, poisoning the environment. No one was brought to task. A small illustration of the effects of unrestrained, unaccountable capitalism.

Getting back to good old Medieval Values.

Congress is rapidly coming under the influence of Bible literalists and believers in The Rapture. As never before we are in desperate need of a rational, intelligent God.7


Americans like to think of themselves as individualists, plowing their own furrows, seldom following the herd. But this doesn't appear to be the case in the theatre. Another illusion demolished.

Intellectuals - are there any left?

You always know when a class of people have a crisis of confidence when there are competitions to find out who is the most prominent.

Hotel beds - - the Forgotten Technology

They invest large sums in hotel ambience and next to nothing in their beds.