The Bottom Dwellers

They feed off the refuse of others,
They pick at the slime and the sludge.
A national tumor, they glory in rumor
And the mispresentations of Drudge.

They lurk in the misshapen shadows
Of gossip and falsehood and cant.
They are used by the rich to whine, slur and bitch,
To bully, to shout and to rant.

They're attracting the poor and the failures
Who've foregone the American Dream.
They are cruel and snide to then opposite side
And delight to support the extreme.

The poor like to cling to the honor
Of national glory and pride,
And fall for the smear and the quick-pedaled fear,
While the hard men exploit and divide.

Hannity, Coulter, Rush Limbaugh,
Just three who prefer the deep murk,
Do the wealthy folk’s task without being asked - -
It beats some respectable work.

Their command of the language is scanty,
Their grasp of the issues is limp,
It’s all black and white, you are wrong, they are right.
If you care and you think, you’re a wimp.

They care not a jot about others,
They’re concerned for the rich, not the poor.
They debase all debate with malevolent hate,
Like an insalubrious sore.

They pick at the core of the culture
Of sharing and generous giving.
Suspicious of heart they loathe all who are smart,
Which is more like existence, not living.

They frighten us all with al Queda.
Torture is par for the course.
They’ve not seen a phone that they can’t leave alone,
They leap to the strong-arm and force.

They are silent when one of their number
Is exposed in a deal that’s corrupt;
But they give a rough ride to the opposite side
When similar scandals erupt.

They are posing as fervent believers.
Some spend six nights in seven on porn.
Then one day of the week this disreputable clique
Pray to Jesus and claim they're re-born.

They think they alone are the patriots,
That their hate makes America great.
But you can’t build a nation on dissimulation - -
Yes, they’ll die, but by then it's too late.

In the meantime they’ve brought down real patriots
Whose love for their country is pure,
But whose different take on what is at stake
Is not about greed, it’s a cure.

Fundamentally these folks are all failures
Who flunked out on friendships and schools;
So in search of a niche they kow-tow to the rich,
Who take them for what they are - fools.

April 2008