The Dinner Gift

Do you remember the present we took?
Was it Chopin Études or that Middle East book?
We've bought lots of copies, I cannot remember
Whether they had one in June or September.
We've given them flowers and the odd potted plant,
And that re-cycled candle that came from your aunt.
And didn't we bring back some French confiture?
Perhaps that would do? Or the blackberry liqueur?
But hang on a moment, let me temper my zeal;
They brought that the last time they came for a meal.

We could buy a good cheese, wouldn't that go down well?
Ah! They're both on some pill for their high LDL.
Perhaps Belgian chocolates are fine to donate,
Except that I know they are watching their weight.
What can we take without causing disquiet
For people who live on a permanent diet?
Oh, for a gift that is not anodyne!
We'll just have to take them a bottle of wine.