George Dubya Bush, please go away,
You´ve had your day, you´ve had your say,
You´ve had your hour, you´ve had your power,
Now go away.
You´ve failed at every thing you´ve done,
You´ve lost a war you should have won,
And your achievements have been none,
Please go away!

George Dubya Bush, say your goodbyes,
We´ve gotten wise to all your lies,
Enriched your friends, now make amends,
Just go away!
At home left debts we can´t afford,
You´re seen a fraud we can´t afford,
Our rightful President was Gored,
So please don´t stay!

George Dubya Bush, please take your leave,
Give us reprieve to let us grieve
For your neglect and disrespect,
Please take your leave!
For the unilateral wars, for the detention without cause,
For trampling international laws,
Please take your leave!

George Dubya Bush, in freedom´s guise
You´ve privatized, monopolized,
Demoralized, politicized -
Now please be gone!
Contractorized and vandalized
The institutions that we prized,
We´re victimized, antagonized;
Now please be gone!

George Dubya Bush, please now depart
We want a brain, we want a heart,
And rule of law that you ignore,
So please depart!
We wanted vision, not division,
Supervision, not derision,
We´ve made a very firm decision:
Please depart!