A Father Plays with his Son

No, Henry!
That’s the clutch, it’s not the gear.
Look at the plan, it goes down here,
In front of the driver in his cab.
It allows him to operate the grab.
The boom works now from left to right,
But stops near the ground; the nut’s too tight.
Or maybe it needs a drop of oil.
Ah! Now it can scoop a load of soil.
I’ve still to add the left-hand track,
Adjust the tension, slightly slack.
Soon it will scoot across the floor.
Oh, where is that grub screw? What a bore!

(Where’s Henry? Oh well, he’ll return
Watching Dad is how kids learn)

Make sure the tracking is aligned,
And fix on the license plate behind.
Well, here goes! Zap! Why, not a sound!
Come, get the batteries right way round!
Control it gently, mustn’t jerk,
It’s great to see that drive-train work.
Over the carpet to the door,
Pick up some Lego, now some more.
Isn’t this fun? Now back again.
Avoiding the dumper and the crane…….

Please come up and say goodnight
And bring a drink, if that’s alright?

Oh, Henry, yes, I’ll be right there.
I’ve just one minor, last repair.

February 2003