Light and Fit

The exercise culture is changing
Diversity now is in fashion,
Age-challenged people are visiting gyms
And lifting and stretching with passion.
“You have to do something aerobic,”
Says the trainer, now much in demand,
“Set the walking machine to twelve or thirteen,
And just stroll when I give the command.”

The cross-trainer's used without ceasing,
The bicycles constantly whirr;
Young men with weights lift them hoping for dates,
And tills rings as gym owners purr.
Despite the obligatory music,
And the young girls who endlessly talk,
The fat and the frail, whether female or male,
Are trying to shed pounds as they walk.

But some of a larger dimension
Can train for all they are worth.
It's the size of portion that's out of proportion
And accounts for expansion of girth.
Let them strengthen the pectoral muscles,
Make certain their posture is good.
But for them to live longer and lighter and stronger,
Let them eat a little less food.