When God Lost the Planet

Did you not know?
Did you not guess,
What a reverse the Big Bang cost us
When God in Heaven
Went and lost us?

It’s very rare
To sit up there
And even in ten billion years
To lose a planet
In the spheres.

Each day unfurled:
Another world.
God, of course, has few reverses
Making brand-new

But work gets dull,
One needs a lull.
Even those with mighty power
Like to relax for
Half an hour.

Aha! Ambition!
Matchless mission - -
A scheme to create a race of men
With ethics and
With acumen!

"And at their birth
I'll make the Earth
As beauteous as an April sonnet,
And place my new
Creation on it."

Purblinding flash!
Oh, boom and crash.
A zillion atoms spun in space!
"Where did they fly?
Someplace, someplace.'

"Oh, stupid, spent
The bang went off before expected,
Before mankind
Could be perfected."

Oh! Looks aghast,
The moment past.
"Where is that H2O and granite,
Where is my chosen
Little planet?'

"Oh! Fractured hope!
How will they cope,
Lost in the vast ethereal sphere,
Gripped by suspicion,
Greed and fear?'

"Oh, doom, oh gloom.
Not I? Then whom?
Who will there be to keep them moral
To teach them how
To love, not quarrel?'

And thus they're left
On Earth, bereft,
Without a God to tell them "nay",
Lost amidst
The Milky Way.

Left in the lurch
Some went to church
With good intent they said a prayer
Not knowing there was
No one there.

God searches here,
He searches there
On moons, black dwarfs, dark energy,
But not a human
Could he see.

"Ah! Infinitesimal speck!
Hey, what the heck?
If men on Earth possess a flaw?
Forget it? I’ll just
Make some more.

"T’was all in vain,
Let’s try again.
I’ll now perfect what once I started
And find a home for them
That’s charted.'

"Now let me see
Which galaxy?
Should it be Star Queen, Sombrero, Smoking Gun?
There! Flash! That’s better!
Now I’m done!"

And thus time passed
Until at last,
In rambling past some neutron stars,
He happened upon
Earth and Mars.

Ah, eureka!
Planet seeker!
He cried, "Aha, that’s where they've gone.
Let’s see how they are
Getting on."

(With one accord!)
We’re glad you've come as prophesied!
We thought we’d see you
When we died."

So saying, men
Proceeded then
To pepper God like proper pests
With thousands of
Inane requests.

Most were self-seeking,
Like "Bless me, Lord, and kindly strike
And punish those whom
I dislike."

And God above
Said "Where is love?
I should have been around to ground 'em.
I rather wish I'd
Never found 'em."

April 2008