Silver, Orange, Purple, Month

The words silver, orange, purple and month are supposed to be impossible to rhyme?

This is Robert Hanrott's attempt:

When you meet
A Japanese
Defer, and never
Try to tease,
They can be shy,
Small as a wisp,
And sometimes
Have a painful lisp.
Although our betters,
Yet they have trouble
With our letters.

What we call orange
They call olange
Discussing thilver
They mean silver,
The word purple
Comes out lurple.
You’d speak thus
In just a month,
So meet with them
Not twyth but only wunth.

Now the linguithtic
Die is catht
Repeat this verth,
But twyth ath fatht.

...and this submission comes from concert pianist Jeffrey Chappell:

The Wolf Poem

Roses are silver,
Violets are orange,
Sugar is purple,
And so are month.

By Jeffrey Chappell