Two O'Clock in the Morning

Two o'clock in the morning,
I remember it well,
'Twas only me
And my mademoiselle.
We sipped champagne
And toasted our love.
But her husband came --
I was slapped with his glove.
Two o'clock in the morning,
No greater a fool,
As I stood up and shouted,
"I accept the duel!"
The guns were brought out
By the butler at length,
So I mustered my courage
And gathered my strength.
Three o'clock in the morning,
And I lay on the ground,
With lead in my chest
And no doctor around.
But bravely I smiled,
And weakly I said,
"It was great while it lasted,
But now that I'm dead,
It hardly seems worth it,

— John C. Chappell— 1968