War, American Style

I dream of a magical moment
When the Hague Court of Justice indicts,
And Bush and his cronies are hustled to Court
For attacking Iraq’s human rights.

Count One is attacking a nation
Without any credible threat.
Count Two is for lies and misjudgments
And for burgeoning national debt.

Count Three is for death of civilians,
Neither knowing nor counting the cost
To the hundreds and thousands of poor dispossessed
Whose loved ones and incomes were lost.

Count Five is for Abu Graib torture.
Count Six is no bullet-proof vests.
Count Seven, the dangerous vehicles.
Count Eight, the illegal arrests.

Count Nine is for sending out ninnies,
Inexperienced Republican shills,
To rule an old civilization.
Yes, inexperience kills!

Count Ten is the devious assertion
That we’re fighting for justice, not spoil,
That we want merely liberty, freedom and law,
Not subservient yes-men and oil.

The next count is lack of a spy-ring,
Of fairy-tales dressed up as fact;
Of sleazy expatriates, all with agendas,
Who made up the data they lacked.

The last count’s endangering soldiers
(Who were trained for conventional war,
And were thin on the ground and unready),
And for stubbornly not sending more.


They told us our freedom was threatened,
Our way of life under attack.
Four thousand men duly enlisted
Four thousand men never came back.

Or they did, but they did so in coffins,
Unseen, in the depths of the night.
No loved ones to grieve or to greet them,
Lest the media took note of the sight.

And thousands of children were slaughtered,
And never a hint of regret.
Just a conflict that lasts for a dismal decade
To the drumbeat of physical threat.

So the young men lie there, dead and buried,
Or disabled the rest of their lives,
While the guilty, un-stricken in conscience,
Lie in comfort at home with their wives.

Democracy is now why we’re fighting,
To re-create our style of realm,
Where the dog’s body’s wagged by the corporate tail,
Mismanaged by those at the helm.

The National bird’s the bald eagle,
That increasingly looks like a vulture.
Whoever believed that the bullet and gun
Could alter a different culture?

And there at The Hague Court of Justice
The incompetents, all in a row,
When accused of these gross misdemeanors
Shrug their shoulders as if to say“So?”

May 2008