Some verse about a victory too late and how Americans will draw the wrong conclusions from it.

It´s the day of the death of Zarqawi,
The cold-blooded agent of fear.
Don´t mourn for this killer of children;
By the same token, nor should you cheer.

Leave this, if you will, to the perverts,
The bullies who jeer and exult,
Who consign the sick wretch to his “virgins”.
For the rest of us? Act the adult.

You can argue about the importance
Of the huge web of terror he´s spun..
But there´s one thing sane men can agree on:
You can´t end this war with a gun.

The struggle can only be quieted
By removing the care and support
Provided by those with a grievance
To those who hurl bombs and extort.

Now´s an appropriate moment
For the “Christians” to hold out a hand
To the Moslems whose pride has been wounded,
And resent foreign troops in their land.

But no, what we get is a “GOTCHA!”,
And lies about “winning” (sic) the war.
And instead of restrained moderation,
Some are lusting for blood even more.

There´s one thing they all have in common,
These soldiers of crescent and cross,
It´s a common commitment to hatred.
To be rid of them all is no loss.

But a horrible thought´s now intruded.
It frightens and humiliates:
It´s easier to mollify Moslems
Than the “Christians” right here in the States.

June 2006