The author

Robert Hanrott,
the editor

Ogden Nash was arguably the greatest writer of funny and ironic verse. Since his time the genre has lost favor, but rhyming is in again we are told. Here, we post some light-hearted verse designed to provoke a reflection or perhaps to bring a smile to the lips.

To all aspiring versifiers! Email us with your verses. Preference will be given to submissions that are light-hearted, wry, ironic or funny.

The editor's decision is final.

Light Verse

In the tradition of Ogden Nash

Current verse........

The Cormorant

Inside the mind of an average sea bird


An age-old lament

Kensington Church, 1944

An unsung hero, who played the organ in a burning church, is remembered. And it is my earliest, and most vivid, memory

And in previous months........

War, American Style

May America's war criminals be one day indicted!

Peddling Fear

The Bush Administration peddles fear and its supporters revel in it.

When God Lost the Planet

Why those who pray constantly find their prayers are not answered.

The Bottom Dwellers

A protest against the intellectual pygmies who trash their political opponents and bring politics into disrepute.

The Bonobos

A prediction about the future

What is the Point

Why have Americans allowed their country to be so deeply amaged by ideologues?


America has gone sleepwalking down a dangerous path.

It Comes at a Price

The disaster of neo-liberalism and unrestrained capitalism

Climate Change 2008

An apology


Committees and their members


Greek island in the sun.


A poem about peace, calm and tranquillity.

The Georgetowne House Toure

As Experienced by an Olde Englisheman,with Apologies to Chaucer, Milton, Dryden, whoever?

Life and Death of the Florida Strangler Tree

A fantasy inspired by the Strangler Fig tree at The Moorings, Islamorada.


We are losing the ability to enjoy silence, blessed silence.

Silver, Orange, Purple, Month

They said it was impossible to rhyme these four words. Mmh. Robert Hanrott and Jeffrey Chappell have a try

A Walk in the Woods

A poem, now set to music. Piano score available on request.

I Did it All Myself

A personal chat with reality.


For choice read confusion.


Why do they keep discontinuing our favourite products?

Rat Patrol

Where is the local government when you want it?


Yes, it's about me!

Recital Time

Piano lessons and Jeffrey Chappell

The Decorator

Memorializing the horrors of workmen in the house.

A Cigar on the Porch

A favourite thing.

Breakfast Alone

Starting the day calm and contented.

A Night out on the Town

A Treat at The Ritz.

The Warsaw Pact Blues

The Cold War seems quite cosy in comparison to the Bush wars and threats of wars.


Imagine this accompanied by guitar and a West Virginian accent!

What does it Mean?

Poets writing for poets.

John Constable.

Thoughts on attending an exhibition of John Constable’s painting at the National Gallery in Washington D.C.

Read Epicurus!

Abandon fear- - read Epicurus!

The Sartorial Fox

For the grandchildren.

This English Summer

Now will the oil companies admit that human activity is causing climate change?

The Great Airline Scam

British Airways are pleased to announce that, as from January 1st, 2007, in order to provide ever better service to its customers and to contain rising costs, all World Traveller seating on long-haul flights will be removed, and passengers will have the opportunity to keep fit and make new friends by moving freely around the cabin.The ending of sedentary postures will also help to prevent blood clots.


Some verse about the death of Zarqawi, leader of Al Queda in Iraq, and how Americans will draw all the wrong conclusions from it.

The Angry Tree

A fine old maple tree protests at its imminent destruction.

Hotel beds, the forgotten technology

Why can't hoteliers cater to those of us who cannot sleep in rock-hard beds?

Dry Cleaning in the Twenty-first Century

No longer do you drop off your cleaning and walk out. Oh, no! This is the technological age!

The Dinner Gift

What on earth can we take as a gift for our hosts tonight? A problem we all have.


Why is it that some successful businessmen become obsessive, penny-pinching and miserable?

The Rueful Hippopotamus

A self-absorbed hippopotamus hears some unwelcome news.

In Praise of Old Houses

So you'd like to live in a new house?

The Sun Umbrella

A disaster narrowly averted

Two O'Clock in the Morning

Verse submitted by John Chappell

The Allotment

My son has a rather large allotment in Oxford. Rather him than me!

A Week in Provence

Not all Provencal houses are bucolic delights.

My Prostate

A letter of thanks to a brilliant surgeon.

On Surviving Cancer

Robert Hanrott and Surviving Cancer.

The High Street

The demise of the British high street.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Verses in appreciation of a famous economist.

An Ode to Victoria Station

I maintain that it was this poem that persuaded British Rail to organise an intelligent queuing system.

Thank you for the Meal Last Night

In recognition of a world-class cook.

A Letterto the Sun Alliance

The ability of insurance companies to avoid paying claims is truly staggering.

The Appointment

A bad hair day.

A Father Plays with his Son

Thank goodness. We men never do grow up.


From a poor swimmer to a good one

Dancing at the Ritz

Our favourite and most romantic treat.

The Tune

In praise of the tune.

The Rhyme

In praise of the rhyme.

The Comma


Light and Fit

About the gym.