Robert & Martha Hanrott

Bob and Martha

Hippos on Holiday

A story for children aged four to seven

Hippos on Holiday Book Cover
by Robert Hanrott

Hippos on Holiday
Henry and Jemima went on holiday with Mummy,Daddy and Chalky.

Hippos on Holiday
On a beautiful sandy beach they found a sailing boat.

Hippos on Holiday
"Let's take the boat for a sail," said Henry.

Hippos on Holiday
So they sailed away from the beach. Chalky was in the bows.

Hippos on Holiday
They came to an island where they met a funny looking Potamus with pink spots.

Hippos on Holiday
Other Potamuses, with green spots, stood by and laughed. "Hah, hah, he's got pink spots," they cried.

Hippos on Holiday
"It's not nice to tease people who don't look exactly the same as you", said Henry. "You should be kind to all Potamuses."

Hippos on Holiday
But the green-spotted Potamuses just laughed. So they took the pink-spotted Potamus back to the boat and sailed away, with Chalky in the bows.

Hippos on Holiday
On the next island they spotted a very sleepy Potamus. "Why are you so sleepy?" asked Jemima.

Hippos on Holiday
"Because my friend the Hyperpotamus is so hyper that he tires me out," replied the sleepy Potamus.

Hippos on Holiday
"I bet Chalky would tire him out," said Henry. So Chalky chased Hyperpotamus ten times round the island, and Hyperpotamus was still hyper. It was Chalky who was exhausted.

Hippos on Holiday
So Henry, Jemima and Chalky led sleepy Potamus back to the boat. They understood her problem.

Hippos on Holiday
Suddenly, in the distance, they saw a cannibal heating up a pot. Cannibals eat other Potamuses. In the pot was one he had just caught.

Hippos on Holiday
"You can"t eat a Potamus," cried Jemima, "It isn't nice." And dashing forward, they rescued the poor Potamus, who was getting very hot indeed, and the put him on board the boat.

Hippos on Holiday
As they unfurled the sail, they saw a pirate ship coming into the bay. The pirate captain had a big, curved sword in his hand. A parrot was flying around, squawking furiously, and the pirate was lashing his crew with a big cat o' nine tails.

Hippos on Holiday
"Ramming speed", shouted the pirate, trying to cut the sailing boat in half and sink it.

Hippos on Holiday
But in the nick of time Henry jumped into the water and pushed the boat out of the way. The pirate ship only just missed and ran aground with such a jolt that the pirate captain hit his head on the ship's wheel and knocked himself out.

Hippos on Holiday
Now there were rather a lot of people on the little sailing boat, but Henry and Jemima were happy that they had rescued them. Chalky wagged his tail furiously.

Hippos on Holiday
Next they came across the famous Pointypotamus, who lived happily by himself. Rescuing him was pointless, so they sailed on.

Hippos on Holiday
Far in the distance they spotted a spaceship, hovering above an island. It couldn't land because there was a palm tree in the way. An moment it would run out of rocket fuel.

Hippos on Holiday
Splash! The spaceship had to land in the sea. Henry and Jemima hurried to the spot and were just in time to rescue the alien, who thanked them and joined everyone else in the boat.

Hippos on Holiday
No sooner was the alien aboard than Chalky started barking at the water. Jemima looked and saw a Potamus swimming along beneath them, unaware that behind her was a Great White Shark, about to attack and eat her up.

Hippos on Holiday
Shark attack, cried Henry. Chalky barked a warning and the terrified Potamus scrambled into the boat.

Hippos on Holiday
They then sailed away to a big island that was ruled by Potentatepotamus, a nasty Potamus who cuts off the heads of anyone who is rude and answers him back.

Hippos on Holiday
Going ashore the children and their friends saw that Potentatepotamus had caught the runaway and was about to chop off the heads of twenty captive Potamuses.

Hippos on Holiday
A great battle started and Henry and Jemima over-powered the wicked Potentatepotamus. All the poor captives joined the victors aboard the sailing boat.

Hippos on Holiday
The boat now was overloaded and began to sink. "Oh, dear," said Jemima.

Hippos on Holiday
But fortunately, Potamuses can swim. So they all swam in a long line back to the beautiful, sandy beach where they had begun their holiday.

Hippos on Holiday
Mummy and Daddy were a bit surprised to see so many wet Potamuses, but Mummy gave them all orange juice without bits and Daddy made a shepherds pie.

Hippos on Holiday
"Is this Potamus Pie?" asked one of the guests, but didn't wait for a reply. He was very hungry.

Hippos on Holiday
And Chalky was very pleased to be home. Dogs don't like too many adventures in one day.

The Hippo Cartoons

Robert Hanrott — April 2007




Romantics push the boat out

I could only bring you a bunch

"Mummy, there's a potamus out in the rain!"


I've got my handicap down to 122








Is Henry in?

After so many years two hippos start to look alike





The whale and the hippo are close cousins

A hippo at the gym


Mummy, there's a hippopotamus out there in the rain.








Oh, Damn!



Mummy, Jemima hit me!

A househusband's work is never done

I prefer them with more meat on them

I could be watching Big Brother

Daddy goes on a business trip

Help! That's really scary! A meat-eating human!

This potamus is being sent to bed for being cheeky to Mummy


A potamus doing his school homework

Daddy always ate his fruit when he was little

Potamus with alien spaceship



Time for school, Henry!


"You come down this time, Grandad!"

A potamus with measles


A potamus on a camel in Dubai

A potamus having a barbeque

Dancing potamuses are asking to hurt themselves


Potamuses can also stay at home and knit

They keep changing the course

It was definately in!

Daddy cuts down a tree

I know I wrote the song, but I can't get right up there!

Not just one swipe , brush them properly, Henry!

Torture? What torture?