Robert & Martha Hanrott

Bob and Martha

Synopsis of Foxtails
The Adventures of Freddie Fox

Freddie Fox lives on Ten Tree Hill in Surrey, England, a natural habitat complete with forest, field, and watercourse. He is a young fox, a cub, and has a female friend called Foxglove. As with most foxes, Freddie has a constant preoccupation with food. He lives off birds and berries on Ten Tree Hill, but he also ventures into the nearby town to see what other forage can be found.

On the edge of town, Freddie encounters the factory for Um-blu-Glu-per Cola, "the drink that makes a man of you." The idea of becoming a man appeals to Freddie, and he sneaks past the management and quality-control workers. Fascinated by the dark cola goo and egged on by the "Don´t touch" sign, he hurls a spanner into the Um-blu-Glu-per machine, causing the sticky liquid to overflow onto the floor of the factory. The rising tide of cola carries Freddie out the door and back to the river - but not before he has gorged himself on the hopefully magical brew.

Freddie eventually recovers his former self; and, one day as he lazes in a field, an over-sized chicken appears. She has escaped from a huge egg factory, where she was imprisoned and forced to lay eggs 24/7. She is now in elaborate disguise, including colored feathers and purple lipstick, in order to prevent her detection by the Egg Production Board. Freddie joins her in a ruse to get past the guards and free her former pen-mates. A furious battle ensues - until Freddie wakes up.

As autumn sets in, the hunting season begins, and foxes must outwit the hounds and humans who track them down for sport. Foxglove is caught unawares by a hunt one day and catches her leg as she tries to escape under a wire fence. She is twice at the point of death - once as the hounds draw near and again when the crows spot her lamely heading home. Each time Freddie comes to the rescue, first diverting the hounds and then attacking the crows. Foxglove is thrilled and expresses her affection to Freddie as they decide to settle into their own den together.